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LegaSeeYou TM  ~  Living Scrapbook TM

Written and Video Recorded Legacy Expression

The Missing piece is you! 

The Missing piece is you! 

Your financial plan doesn't cover it. 

Your estate plan only goes so far. 

Your family photos and treasured possessions are not enough.

None of these transfer YOU!

Your Legacy Expression TM fills in what was missing! 

Your Legacy Expression TM is in part your life story and its highlights and turning points; in part your life chronology; and in part your Ethical Will, which includes the sharing of lessons learned, wisdom, values, love and understanding, hopes, dreams, and your statements to younger- and future- generations. It is the manifestation of the innate human desire to leave behind more than just possessions. It seeks to express and transfer the essence of YOU. 

Have It Written 

Have It Written 

We guide you through a systematic, strategic interview process to help you uncover your legacy with ease, express your legacy with confidence, and preserve your legacy with class. 

Your printed Legacy Expression TM is encased in a leather binder. Pages are printed and preserved on archival-quality materials and arranged in a way that allows for edits and updates as desired. 

You control and decide what is included in your Legacy Expression TM, as well as who will see it. 

Have It Recorded

Have It Recorded

Never been interviewed on camera? Don't fret. We prepare you and walk with you from start to finish, making sure your experience is comfortable and fun.

Through a series of customized and strategically designed one-on-one interviews, we help you explore, express, record, and preserve the various aspects of your life that you wish to share with your loved ones. 

And remember, you control and decide what is included in your Legacy ExpressionTM, as well as who will see it.

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Benefits for You

  • Let your heart speak to them, outside of daily routine
  • Make peace with mortality, yet make immortal the most important pieces of you 
  • Cast your hopes, wishes, and requests into the future
  • Gain a sense of completion and continuation of your life
  • Spark positive changes in your life that help you live out the rest of your years more intentionally and meaningfully
  • Benefits for Your Loved Ones
  • Receive useful wisdom, guidance, and insight

See who you have been across your lifetime

  • Get to know you better while you are living, and remember you more completely after you are gone
  • Opens meaningful lines of communication while you are alive
  • Helps with letting go, healing, and finding peace