Thomas Lofy

Founder and CEO

Through decades of service, Thomas has devised innovative wealth, law, and tax strategies for successful families, business owners and professionals, helping them to Connect Their Money to Their Lives TM. He believes that non-financial...

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Erin Buggy

Managing Director

Always service-oriented and purposeful, Erin walks each client through the process of uncovering, expressing, and preserving their legacy. She manages the interview, recording, and editing process, and works with each client to ensure...

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Clara Sida

Assistant Director; Administration

Clara has been providing administrative support for over 19 years. Her multi-faceted role is comprised of many duties, including arranging client meetings, assisting with our multi-step client interview process, and preserving...

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Tammy Cober

Office Manager; Special Projects

Tammy oversees all aspects of office administration, coordinates Special Projects, and collaborates on corporate governance. Her concern for people, strong work ethic, endless knowledge, creative eye, calm demeanor, and kindness make...

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Lisa LeFevre

Special Projects

Lisa has extensive experience in leadership and supervisory roles. She enjoys creating and maintaining an outstanding service model for clients as well as contributing to an exceptional work place environment for her co-workers. She...

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Mary Wingfield

Administration; Accounting; Billing; Payables

Mary has worked in an administrative capacity for over 20 years. Her day includes managing a myriad of back-office and finance-related duties, which she handles skillfully, calmly, and with an up-beat demeanor. Her genuine care for...

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