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Life Tribute Expression

Pay Homage to Your Recently-Deceased Loved One 

Pay Homage to Your Recently-Deceased Loved One 


A Life Tribute Expression TM is a professionally recorded and edited video of you, and other special people in your loved one’s life, speaking on behalf of the one who has transitioned. You are encouraged to include stories, reflections, readings, prayers, pictures, mementos, music, and more.

Consider presenting your loved one's Life Tribute Expression TM at the funeral service, instead of giving a eulogy speech. Imagine the challenge of confronting the loss of your loved one, while simultaneously facing the stress of speaking in public. With a recorded Life Tribute Expression TM, you don't have the pressure to get it right the first time, at the service. Instead of getting one shot at it, you get multiple do-overs.

Relieve your stress and honor your loved one in a meaningful way.

We work with you to create a touching, lasting, high-quality tribute.




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