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Personal LegaSeeYou Living Scrapbook

LegaSeeYou For Adults

LegaSeeYou For Adults


What if you could connect with the prior versions of yourself?

What if your family could see who you were as your life played out? 

We all know the importance of journaling. The process allows us to document our thoughts, experiences, and emotions; to learn from them by stepping back to get a wider-angle view; to look back, reminisce, and see who we have been at various stages of our lives; and to connect with prior versions of ourselves.

We love flipping through scrapbook photos. 

It’s fun to look at videos of ourselves and our loved ones, and there is nothing like a video to capture your physical presence and mannerisms, such as the way you move, talk, laugh, emote, and express yourself. 

Add to that some recorded conversation designed to reveal the unique you. And, perhaps, some visits by people important to you. 

Put those together and you get a picture of who you have been at any given point in your life. 

It isn’t too late to start now, for yourself, and the ones you love. 

Preserve What Matters Most TM 

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LegaSeeYou For Children

LegaSeeYou For Children

Imagine the look of marvel and amusement on your child’s face when they reach adulthood, and you gift them a collection of Expressions showing who they were at various ages; spanning most, or all, of their childhood.

Childhood passes quickly, and children evolve rapidly. Photographs capture some of these changes, and home videos capture even more, but the best way to capture your child’s mercurial essence is with a LegaSeeYou TM

LegaSeeYou TM is a living scrapbook of childhood, and its purpose is to capture who your child is, across time.

We work with you to create the interview format you prefer. Then, we interview your child, and anyone you, or they, would like to have included in the Expression.

Each year, and at special times in your child’s life (think: birth of a sibling, entrance into school, big accomplishment, the brink of a new adventure), we create a new Expression and add it to the ones of years passed, making an invaluable collection of your child's evolution over time. 

As you watch it together, there is sure to be laughter, likely to be a few tears, and, most certainly, there will be a lot of sweet and special memories brought back to life. 

The condensed timeline, and opportunities for reflection, helps your child to celebrate who they are, and may also positively impact who your child will become. 


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The Years Teach Much Which The Days Never Know ~R.W.Emerson