LegaSeeYou Living Scrapbook for Baby

Capture Your Family's Journey Through Pregnancy, Birth & New Parenthood 

There's nothing quite like the journey to- and through- bringing new life into the world!

Once expecting, we know that many spectacular changes and experiences will occur in just a short time, so we have designed a LegaSeeYou Living Scrapbook for Baby TM to capture your family's important moments along the way.

We help you preserve the many moments that comprise this special time in your lives, while they're still unfolding.

We help you create a beautiful, edited compilation of footage, photos, music, and incredibly special memories of your pregnancy, baby's birth, and first weeks as a new family.

Your baby is one of the sweetest gifts you'll ever receive, and a LegaSeeYou Living Scrapbook for Baby TM is one of the sweetest gifts you can create for your child.


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You're expecting. Congratulations! 

Your new journey has begun, and now is the time to start preserving all that makes your path into parenthood unique and special. Now is the time to start your LegaSeeYouTM Living Scrapbook for Baby.

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Throughout Pregnancy

Each month of pregnancy brings with it an opportunity to update your baby's Living Scrapbook. You may wish to include:

  • how you revealed your pregnancy, baby's gender, or baby's name
  • photos and commentary on special celebrations, such as a baby shower, blessing way, or babymoon
  • reflections on your changing body, perspective, relationship, and life
  • heartfelt messages to baby from you- the parents- or other important loved ones in your baby's life
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Welcome, Little One!

Both birth, and life with a newborn, are made up of many things- a touch of magic and a touch of madness; little sleep and a lot of love; moments where time seems to stop and moments where you blink and seem to miss it. It’s a special, and fleeting, time.

Preserving these unique and precious stories is the ideal way to wrap up your baby's LegaSeeYouTM Living Scrapbook. 

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