Family LegaSeeYou Living Scrapbook

Capture Your Family at Regular Intervals and Special Events

While a Family Legacy Expression TM documents the story, history, values, and more, of a Family, a Family LegaSeeYou Living Scrapbook TM is like a Personal LegaSeeYou Living Scrapbook TM, in that it is meant to be added to at regular intervals over the years, and it aims to look at shorter periods of time.

For example, a Family LegaSeeYou Living Scrapbook TM could record the Family milestones, experiences, and reflections that occurred during the last calendar year. Also, family reunions and other gatherings, such as anniversaries, tradition events, and tribute events can all be featured in a Family LegaSeeYou Living Scrapbook TM.

Celebration events are important markings in the Family existence. They matter. Sometimes they are more important after the event than before, or during, the event.

The record shows the state of your family at various times, and allows the events, and also the individuals to exist, not just in memory, but into the future.

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~M. Jackson